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Brand Fart Photography book- Neo Norteyrazzi Nortey

Get Your Copy of BRAND FART Today and Transform Your Photography Brand From "Fart" to "Art."

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In the world of photography, crafting a personal brand that resonates with your audience is critical for photographers seeking to make their mark in a competitive market. However, with so many potential pitfalls to navigate, how can you ensure that your brand stands out as a work of "Brand Art" instead of a "Brand Fart"?

How Does Your Audience View Your Photography Brand? Take the "Fart" or "Art" Brand Test To Find Out!

Brand Fart Photography book- Neo Norteyrazzi Nortey

About The Author


In mid-2014, Neo ‘Norteyrazzi’ Nortey at a low point in his life stumbled upon 'DigitalRev TV,' a popular photography YouTube channel hosted by Kai Wong, and was instantly captivated. Despite never owning a digital camera, he knew that he had found his calling in the creative field. Nevertheless, Norteyrazzi ended up pursuing a different career path. 


However, everything changed in February 2019 when he expressed his desire to delve into photography to a family friend. She generously gifted Norteyrazzi her unused Canon 1100D camera, and after practising at home and photographing a couple of events, he finally took a leap of faith and had his first photoshoot with a model in early August 2019 in Central London. That marked the beginning of a fulfilling photography journey, and he hasn't looked back since.


As a boudoir photographer, Norteyrazzi's distinctive photographic process, which he calls "Norteygraphy," has earned him widespread recognition and admiration. His portfolio features breathtaking images of numerous beautiful women, and he is renowned for having helped launch the careers of countless aspiring models. His artistic vision has taken him on a journey through Europe, where he worked with several boutique brands to produce visually stunning imagery that has captured the attention of viewers worldwide.


Through his foray into photography and research into branding, it became apparent that many photographers, regardless of their creative talent, struggled to establish a presence in the industry due to becoming victims of poor personal branding decisions. This resulted in Neo writing the book "Brand Fart - Avoiding The 28 Common Branding Mistakes Photographers Make," where he shares his extensive expertise and practical insights to help photographers discover invaluable strategies for identifying their niche, crafting a captivating message, pricing their creativity, developing a solid online presence, and evolving their brand in the wake of AI advancements.


As the photography industry undergoes rapid technological change, "Brand Fart" is a priceless resource that can help you realise your dreams of propelling your photography career and transforming your brand from "Fart" to "Art."

CLICK HERE to view Norteyrazzi's photography portfolio.

Brand Fart Photography book - Neo Norteyrazzi Nortey

Get your Hands on a Copy of "BRAND FART" Today and Embark on a Branding Journey That Will Transform your Photography Business into a Work of Art.

Brand Fart Photography book- Neo Norteyrazzi Nortey

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